Newsflash: Trying To Sell A Woman’s Baby On Craigslist Is An Awful Dating Technique

Know why there’s no “infants” section under the For Sale category on Craiglist? That’s easy, silly — it’s because you’re not allowed to sell people, not on Craigslist, not anywhere. That’s news to one guy who was reportedly so jealous of the attention his new lady love lavished on her two-month old, he listed her for a paltry $100 on the online marketplace. He got a bite, too! From the cops.

Police allege that the Staten Island man posted an ad twice in the “baby+kids” section on Craigslist, reports the Staten Island Advance, and listed the mother’s number when a possible buyer contacted him.

The 22-year-old man’s ad was flagged and taken down the first time on July 29, but the next ad went up the day after, a source said, and lasted longer online.

“Heyy I have a 2 month old baby name [redacted] she loves to play nd have her little fun but there is only 1 problem, the doctor said that she has asthma nd if she turns a certain way she can stop breathing, she’s really getting on my nerves nd I don’t want her Please email me,” he wrote, according to sources.

Observant, kind human beings out there apparently saw the ad and called the cops, as well as notifying the New York City Administration for Children’s Services. Cops were then able to track the post back to the man’s apartment.

The kicker? It sounds like the mother and the suspect were barely dating — they’d chatted online and been out a few times, sources say, and he got a photo of her daughter by sending the mom one of his own two-year-old daughter. Not that it would be okay to sell a woman’s baby on Craigslist if you’d been going steady for a while, of course.

Court papers claim this whole thing was a stunt to get back at the woman, because she was spending most of her time working or taking care of her child instead of hanging out with Casanova. How rude.

“The reason why I decided to put this post (up) was because I got bored and wanted to get a little laugh and a little kick out of it,” he reportedly said.

Hope getting arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child, second-degree aggravated harassment and two counts of a social service law violation gives you that kick you so desperately desired, sir.

Staten Island man posts ad to sell woman’s 2-month-old baby girl for $100 on Craigslist, police allege [Staten Island Advance]

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