Fred Meyer Not Sure How Unit Pricing Works

Customers at a Fred Meyer store were left scratching their heads as well as clutching their bellies in pain if they happened to notice this really bad deal on Pepto-Bismol at a Fred Meyer store. Tipster Scott took a photo of the items on the shelf. Somehow, buying a two-pack leads to the per-ounce price doubling, even when the price for that package is less than double the price of a single bottle.

Well, at least the quantity discount is applied correctly.

It wasn’t even what I was on the aisle for, but the unit price caught my eye.
Twin pack of 16oz. bottles of Pepto Bismol is less than twice the price of one 16oz. bottle, but unit price per oz. is more?

Manager: “To fix that we’ll have to change something in the computer.”

We hope that the manager meant that in the sense of “this will take a while to fix” rather than “we won’t bother to fix it.”

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