12-Year-Old Robs 10-Year-Old’s Lemonade Stand At BB Gunpoint

The world is a sad and scary place, and kids are only reflecting that back to us. That’s the impression we get from the report out of Pennsylvania that one child held up a younger child’s lemonade stand with a BB gun, making off with $30. Have heart, though: other kids chased the culprit down and turned him in to police.

The mini-entrepreneur was selling lemonade on Monday afternoon when the other approached him with a gun in his pocket pointed at him. The stand operator said that it looked like a handgun, but he still engaged in what police called a “wrestling match” with the robber over the cashbox. Fortunately, other children nearby pursued the robber to his home.

Police: Boy, 12, Robs Lemonade Stand With BB-Gun In Pennsylvania [CBS Philadelphia]

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