Some KFC Japan Combo Meals Now Come With Mini Hand-Crank Ice Cream Maker

Maybe this wonderful product won’t launch here in the United States just yet because more ice cream is the last thing we need. Over in Japan, though, KFC combo meal diners can get their fried chicken dinners with a side of “I make my own ice cream at home.”


These combos are, we suppose, like a kids’ meal for grown-ups. In this case the toy, which promotes the comic and animated series One Piece, isn’t a toy at all: it’s a small handheld hand-crank ice cream maker.

It doesn’t come pre-loaded with ingredients for an instant fast-food dessert, unfortunately. Customers have to take the mug home and load it up with ingredients themselves.

Around the World: KFC Japan Offers Hand-held Ice Cream Makers [Brand Eating] (via Foodbeast)

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