Package-Chucking FedEx Workers Caught On Viral Video Fired

PACKAGECHUCKERSWelcome to the modern surveillance state. Everywhere you go, there are countless hidden devices that could be spying on you, ready to splash your image and actions in front of millions for public ridicule. We mean smartphones, of course. One New York City-area FedEx driver learned this the hard way when a motorist filmed her hurling packages into a truck, and she lost her job.

The man in the video was an armed security guard there to protect “high-value” packages. He was caught hurling boxes, too. He won’t tell reporters what company he worked for, but he no longer works there. He spoke to TV station WABC about the incident.

“As an armed guard, I am supposed to be watching the freight,” he said in an interview with WABC. “I was trying to expedite the freight into the truck. I did make a lapse in judgment by throwing the freight in.” Yes.

In a statement to WMC, a TV station near their Memphis headquarters, FedEx said that this is totally not how workers are supposed to expedite packages.

On behalf of all FedEx team members world-wide, I want to tell you that we were very disappointed to see the recent online video. FedEx sets high performance standards for our team members, which is why our customers trust us to pick up and deliver almost 10 million packages a day around the globe. I want you to know that this situation is completely unacceptable to us and this driver is no longer working for FedEx. I want to apologize to all of our customers for the actions of this individual.

Guard in viral FedEx video speaks out after losing job [WABC]

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