Walmart: Sorry Your Glasses Got Scratched During Repair, But It’s Not Our Problem

Ronald’s wife needed to get her glasses repaired, so she took them to Walmart. Walmart is convenient and has an optical department, after all. Even though she just came in to have a screw replaced, she left with a large scratch on her glasses. Unfortunately for her, the store manager insists that they’re not responsible for any damage that might happen to your glasses while they’re being fixed.

Unfortunately, this comes down to the word of Ronald and Mrs. Ronald against that of the vision center employee: one side insists that the loose screw was the only problem with the glasses, and the other insists that the scratch was there when they came in.

Ronald writes:

Yesterday my wife took her four year old pair of glasses to Walmart to have a screw replaced as it had become loose. The technician was talking with my wife and in front of us she was trying different screws to see which one would work the best. Right in front of my wife and I we watched as the tiny screw driver slipped off the screw and it scratched the inside of her lens. We immediately started to question the technician on we just saw but the tech swore the scratch was there previously…

First off, my wife has owned those glasses for four years without any issue (If you knew my wife you would know she is the most careful person around) and secondly we saw it right in front of our eyes. The tech told us she would have a manager call and she rang my wife up for the repair of the screw and of nose pads (Yes we still had to pay the $1 and change)

That evening we did get a call (very surprised about that) and my wife explained what happened. My wife is a very sweet person and throughout the explanation she told the manager that she did not want to get the tech in trouble she just wanted a resolution to what happened. The manager explained that the tech should have told us that they are not responsible for scratches when doing repairs. My wife explained that we were not given this disclosure but the manager stood their ground.

Now we are unsure of where to go with this next. We could use any help/suggestions that you have. Walmart is literally behind our apartment complex so we often just simply walk. It is a huge disappointment that they are not even willing to hear us out 😦

If the person they spoke to was the manager on duty and not the store manager, they could try escalating their complaint to the store manager or to a regional manager.

We contacted Walmart to find out whether it’s a real policy that vision center workers aren’t responsible for any damage they might do to customers’ glasses.

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