The Best Way To Get A Date With Your Customer Is Not Holding Her Against Her Will

It’s a not-so-classic story: Boy meets girl, girl doesn’t like boy, boy (allegedly) carries girl into the back room of the store where he works and doesn’t let her leave while he tries to convince her to go out with him. Sure, the world of romance and dating is a tricky place, full of potential missteps and rejection. But for goodness sake, kidnapping a customer at your store is not the way to go.

A female customer at a Metro PCS store in Florida claims that an employee held her against her will in a back room, where he tried to talk her into dating him, reports News 13 Now.

She says the 23-year-old grabbed her and carried her there, and wouldn’t let her leave by pinning down her arms, saying, “Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t want me.”

In a statement to police, she says she told the man she wasn’t interested and that her boyfriend would be expecting her, at which point he finally let her go.

When police arrested him they found a 5-foot nylon rope in his pocket at the time. The man claimed the rope was so he could practice tying knots, but that apparently didn’t convince officers, who charged him with false imprisonment.

Cell phone store worker accused of kidnapping customer [News 13]

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