Don’t Notice Appliance Delivery Damage Within 48 Hours? Too Bad

Sometimes you buy a new appliance, but don’t use it right away. Maybe you just don’t have any dirty clothes or dishes for a while, or the room where the appliance goes just isn’t ready yet. That’s what happened to Russell when he bought a new washer from Home Depot: it was damaged during delivery, but he didn’t know it at the time. Since he didn’t report it within 48 hours, he’s stuck with the broken appliance, in a sad and desolate land between where Home Depot’s return policy ends and LG’s warranty begins.

He wrote to Consumerist:

Be real careful with certain Home Depot returns. Their policy is:

Merchandise can be returned within 90 days of purchase unless noted in our Return Policy Exceptions. Live goods and products with flammable liquids or gases (hazmat items) must be returned to our stores. Please see the complete list of Return Policy Exceptions below.

However, read the fine print that is not included in any supplied paperwork, posted at the appliance department or stated by the salesperson.

Major Appliances:

Any Major Appliance product damage must be reported within 48 hours of delivery by calling 1-800-455-3869.

After 48 hours, any product issues must be handled through your local The Home Depot store’s Special Services Desk. Be sure to bring a copy of your sales receipt with you.

On March 24th 2013 we purchased an LG Washer from Home Depot in [redacted] for the price of $940.65.

The washer was purchased that day due to the fact that a special $100 discount would end on March 24th. The washer was delivered on Monday April 1, 2013 but was not installed due to construction of the laundry room. This late installation was mentioned to the sales person and she stated that posed no problem and any warranty would not be affected.

The washer was installed on April 3rd, Wednesday. During the first wash cycle it was noted that the washer was broken. We called the store manager and asked for a replacement. However, the store manager stated that a replacement or return can only be made within 48 hours after delivery and we were one day late. We were instructed to call LG for repair.

We called LG and a repair person arrived on or about April 24th at 8am. The repairman confirmed that the washer was broken at delivery and needed new inlet valves. He did not repair the washer and stated he would call LG for instructions and possibly a replacement washer. He ([E]) never returned our call later on the 24th and of this date we do not have any further communication that the washer would be replaced.

It is our contention that we did meet the warranty conditions of Home Depot by calling within the 48 hour period of installation. Installed April 3rd, called April 4th.

It is also our contention that nowhere in any literature, warranty instructions, or verbal statements is the fact stated that a call must be made within 48 hours for a replacement of a broken appliance.

We have made numerous calls to home depot. LG and the repair service without any response. The washer remains broken.

That is so sad. This is a situation that is ideal for an executive e-mail carpet bomb: maybe someone higher up in the Home Depot organization, above the store level and regular old customer service.

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