Another Day, Another Slimy Mold Thing Shows Up In A Capri Sun Juice Pouch

While we’ve seen our fair share of juice box mold, Capri Sun juice mold and other yucky things in food products here at Consumerist, that doesn’t mean that it gets any less disgusting each time we see a new one. To wit: A Sacramento woman’s snap of what she thought might be a worm blocking up the straw in a Capri Sun drink. Opposite of delicious, eh?

The woman tells CBS Sacramento that the drink belonged to her boyfriend’s little brother, who was trying to slurp up some juice and handed the blocked beverage over to her. She pulled out the straw and lo and behold, yucky stuff that resembled a worm.

“It was like slimy and like whitish like pink. It was just like it was gross,” she says.

Kraft Foods makes Capri Suns, and told her something similar to what we’ve heard in the past:

“We can’t say for certain without examining the pouch in question, but it does look like mold we have seen in the past. Although it’s very rare, because Capri-Sun does not contain any artificial preservatives, it is possible for food mold to grow inside a pouch that has been punctured and is exposed to air.”

The company ads that it’s been working on its pouches and advises parents to check for leaks before handing the drinks to kids.

The woman says she’s been offered a replacement case of the drink from Kraft, but isn’t biting. Or slurping.

“I have little brothers, cousins, sisters, and I don’t want them to drink that and have that come up. That’s foul.”

Elk Grove Woman’s Mold Discovery In Child’s Capri-Sun Goes Viral [CBS Sacramento]

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