Woman Accidentally Buys Two Lottery Tickets And Wins… Twice

For all the times to be forgetful, an Australian woman lucked out in that the thing she forgot was that she’d already bout a ticket to the lottery, and bought another one. That absent-mindedness paid off — she won twice, for a total of $835,149.68. This is much better than forgetting to buy any tickets and just sitting at home knowing you’d have won if you’d only remembered to play.
According to The Age, her the woman found out she’d won yesterday and thought the call from the lottery people was a joke at first. Because why wouldn’t you?

“I buy a TattsLotto ticket every week, and I just forgot that I’d already bought one for the weekend when I went to another shop to buy the second one,” she explained.  “I always play the same numbers made up of family birthdays.”

She’s got big plans for the winnings already, saying half the money will go straight toward her mortgage.

“I guess it’s a good thing we won twice so there’s some prize money left over. It will be such a relief to be debt-free,” she said.

I am now going to intentionally forget I’ve bought a lottery ticket and get another one and then still end up not winning. It’s a solid plan, right?

Melbourne woman wins Tatts twice [The Age]

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