Next Stop, [Company Name Here]?: MTA May Sell NYC Subway Station Naming Rights

While I always dreamed of hearing the automated voice on the New York City subway trains announcing “Next stop: MBQ Station,” it appears I’ll have to wait a bit longer and save some more pennies: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is considering selling off naming rights for some subway stations as a way to rake in some cash, but individuals won’t be getting in on the naming fun.

It isn’t just subway stations the MTA is thinking of selling the rights to, but also bridges and tunnels, reports NY1.

The new policy would be the first of its kind, and allow for groups or companies to buy the rights, but they’d have to have a special connection to the facility in question. Whoever snaps up the rights would also have to ensure that the name helps guide riders in the MTA system.

The geographic names would still be included, since there’s no McDonald’s Street or Bank of America Avenue in NYC (for now, am I right?).

For example, the only station currently including a sponsored name is the Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center stop, which was named after the bank bought out the rights for the Nets’ arena in the neighborhood served by that stop.

The MTA board will chat about the proposal this week, but it’s unclear whether or not it’ll go over well, as other attempts to rename stops — like a proposal to rename a station for late former Mayor Ed Koch — haven’t worked  out.

MTA Considering Selling Naming Rights To Subway Stations [NY1]

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