Apple, Google, Facebook & Other Tech Giants Pen Letter Asking For NSA Transparency

In the wake of that whole thing where the National Security Agency is reportedly snooping on people, a whole bunch of tech industry giants have banded together with privacy advocates to send a letter to the lawmakers and President Barack Obama asking for some transparency when it comes to government surveillance.

Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Microsoft, Google, AOL, Yahoo! and other tech leaders, as well as the American Civil Liberties Union and the Electronic Frontier Foundation all signed today’s letter calling for more information on how the government deals with consumer data it collects.

Some of the companies have already asked D.C.’s powers that be to allow them disclose more details about the data requests they receive, notes the Wall Street Journal, and this letter brings those requests out and pushes them even further.

“Just as the United States has long been an innovator when it comes to the Internet and products and services that rely upon the Internet, so too should it be an innovator when it comes to creating mechanisms to ensure that government is transparent, accountable, and respectful of civil liberties and human rights,” the letter reads.


Tech Industry Sends Letter Asking For NSA Transparency [Wall Street Journal]

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