Study: Men Swayed By Flashy Colors See Deals Where There Are None To Be Had

Let’s be totally clear here: I have no idea if men are all suckers for flashy colors or whether women or more likely to read the fine print on a deal, no matter the color. But that’s exactly what a new study says — men get all “ooh” and “aah” when a deal is marketed in bright color, whereas women apparently take the time to suss out whether or not they’re actually getting a good price.

Business Insider cites a study in the Journal of Retailing that says when men see prices marked in red — like in catalogs used in the study — they just assume whatever is advertised is a bargain. It might not be one, but who cares, it’s red!

On the other hand, researchers say women weren’t duped by the promising color when viewing things printed in either red or black. Men also got all the feelings when faced with red prices,  and are reportedly happier and more satisfied with those items than the ones advertised with prices in black ink.

The good side of this all for you menfolk out there, bemoaning your apparently unfortunate connection to red? The more excited a man is about whatever it is he’s looking to buy, the more likely they are to read that all-important fine print.

Come on, men of the world, now is the time. Buck this apparent fascination with the color red and read all those tiny words. Even if the study isn’t true, it’s a great idea. Your wallet will always thank you for being observant.

Dear Men: Here’s Why You Have A Harder Time Finding Deals At The Store [Business Insider]

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