EA Sports Removes Aaron Hernandez From Both Madden 25 And NCAA Football 2014

No go for Hernandez here.

No go for Hernandez here.

Following on the heels of the Aaron Hernandez jersey trade-in held by the NFL this past weekend, EA Sports says it’s removed the New England Patriots player from two games: NCAA Football 14 and Madden NFL 25. The tight end was arrested on murder charges in late June.

Over the weekend, a photo of a reward card of Hernandez in NCAA Football 14 made the Twitter rounds, prompting an EA Sports spokesperson to assure players that he has been removed from that game — where he existed as a Florida Gators trading card in Ultimate Team mode — as well as the upcoming Madden 25. NCAA 14 just came out before the company could pull his image.

“We made a decision to remove Aaron Hernandez from Madden NFL 25 and NCAA Football 14. Because NCAA Football 14 was finalized prior to our decision, Hernandez’ image still appears in the Nike Skills Trainer,” the spokesperson told CBSSports.com. “However, he is not in the game, and anyone who unlocks that particular Nike Skills Trainer reward will receive an Alex Smith Ultimate Team player item instead. The image of Hernandez will be removed via a Title Update in the near future.”

The timing is such that his photo will be pulled before Madden is released, which makes sense as he won’t be part of the Patriots roster when it hits stores Aug. 27. He was released by the team before his arrest on murder charges.

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