How To Find The Very Best Air Conditioner For Your Home

Image courtesy of (Molly)

We can tell when a heat wave strikes this great nation, because classic Consumerist posts on calculating what size air conditioner you need suddenly surge in popularity. There are handy charts that give you a rough guide, but surely those calculations aren’t the same for someone in Miami and someone in Boston. Enter Econofy.

Econofy will eventually offer usage-monitoring devices and an integrated app, but now they offer a very useful Web application: you put in the size rooms you have, your location, and your preferred temperature, and they give you a list of air conditioners that might work for you. (Yes, they do have a link to buy the appliances on Amazon, with the site getting a cut of the sale.)

It’s a lot more customizable than the “your room is X size/you need an AC with X BTUs” charts that we’re used to. Cross-reference with the top-rated ACs from our sibling publication Consumer Reports and consult the Amazon reviews for a better picture of how you might like their recommendations.

Econofy your AC [Econofy]