Report: Apple TV, Time Warner Close To Deal Allowing Set-Top Box Access To Cable Shows

While we’re still not quite in the midst of cord-cutting revolution, at least the TV industry is opening up and broadening customers’ options for how we watch our shows. Apple TV and Time Warner Cable are reportedly close to inking a deal that would give cable subscribers access to channels on the set-top device.

Although both Time Warner Cable and Apple are keeping mum om any plans in the pipe, Bloomberg cites some of those “people with knowledge of the negotiations” who say the agreement will be announced in a few months.

Pointing to the hiring of an executive from Hulu to help Apple negotiate the waters of the media and cable industry, the report notes that this is a pretty big deal for Apple. It’d be a first, and an added value for Apple TV users who want all their shows in the same place.

As we said before, this is still a long way off from choosing programs on an a la carte basis from cable providers instead of having to subscribe to a whole slew of channels customers may or may not watch. We’re not holding our breath yet on that one becoming a reality. But at least it consolidates the TV watching process so you don’t have to switch between your set-top device and regular TV.

Apple Said to Near Time Warner Cable Deal for TV Programs [Bloomberg]


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