Sonic Gives Me Half-Off Discount For Large Shake I Wasn’t Charged For In The First Place

Discounts on non-existent shakes are super tasty.

Discounts on non-existent shakes are super tasty.

Here at Consumerist we hear all kinds of troubling tales from readers trying to cash in on advertised discounts and instead, getting the runaround. That’s why we were pleased to hear that Jared had the complete opposite experience during a recent trip to Sonic, wherein he actually got more of a discount than was advertised.

Jared writes that there was sweet (pun intended) deal on at Sonic for half off large shakes. Great! To the batmobile!

“I went with friends to get some cheap shakes and got a better than advertised discount,” writes Jared, of his order, which he says was: One large peanut butter shake ($3.99), one large orange cream ice shake (apparently $0.00) and one large caramel shake ($2.99).

The receipt says something entirely different: It appears he was only charged for two of the shakes, one for $3.99 and one for $2.99 — but as seen on the receipt, given three half-off discounts, each for $2.

In other words, that third half-off shake was totally free ‚ and he still got the $2 discount.

And lest you think Jared is the unsavory type to take advantage of what could be a mistake on the cashier’s part, rest easy.

“We asked the girl who placed our order if price was correct and she replied, ‘Yep!’ I know we’ll enjoy this in the future.”

All’s well that ends with a cheap brain freeze, my cousin Bubba always used to say. Or he would’ve if his brain wasn’t always frozen from ice cream.

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