‘Downton Abbey’ Coming Out With Wine Line, Footmen To Serve Drinks Not Included

I want to drink with the Dowager.

I want to drink with the Dowager.

These days it’s like if you don’t have an alcoholic beverage tied to your TV show, you are a party pooper. Joining the booze theme parade is everyone’s (current) favorite British import, Downton Abbey. The Crawley family-inspired wines will come in a range of Bordeaux clarets and whites, just like the kind the British aristocracy would’ve had served to them by Mr. Carson and his gang of faithful servants.

The PBS hit has teamed up with Wines That Rock, the same bunch that produces wines for Grateful Dead, the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd, to produce wines by Dulong Grands Vins de Bordeaux, reports Fox News.

Touted as a “vintage” collection, the wines are grown from grapes on the same vines and from the same soil as the era in Downtown Abbey.

“We are working with The Dulong Grands Vins De Bordeaux vineyards, which have been in the same family for five generations,” said Bill Zysblat, co-owner of Wines That Rock said in a statement. “They have over 130 years of experience in creating the world’s best wines so these are wines the Crawley family would have been proud to serve at Downton.”

And as is utterly expected with tie-in products, the wines will be available in the U.S. and Canada just in time for season four, which debuts January 5, 2014 stateside. If you want a handsome footman to serve you, however, you’re entirely on your own.

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