The Meat Is On: Taco Bell To Start Testing New “Protein Power” Menu In Ohio

Where’s the beef? We can never keep tabs on all the beef that’s being sought but if it’s in an Ohio Taco Bell starting July 25, it could be double. Double beef, double chicken — twice the meat is the driving force behind Taco Bell’s new “Power Protein” menu that’ll be tested in Ohio this summer.

Of course, calling it a protein menu is more appealing to health-conscious consumers than just good ol’ meat, points out Business Week. Personally I would’ve gone with Double The Meat, Double The Fun, but then again, no one asked me.

The items on the menu will all have more than 20 grams of protein and fewer than 450 calories per serving, like a burrito and a bowl that both come with a double portion of chicken or steak.

The same menu is already underway in Southern California, but there it’s known as “Fresco Power.”

The underlying theme here is definitely meat, but Taco Bell would rather focus on fresconess and protein, “because of the ingredients in the items,” a nutritionist and product manager for Taco Bell says.

It’s probably smart to point to the nutritional aspect instead of all the meatiness, as one data company points out that 43$ of conversations about “meat” on the Internet in the last six months were negative. That’s compared to only 6% of the conversations about “protein” triggering negative discussions.

Poor meat. Forced to hide your light under a protein basket.

At Taco Bell, It’s Not ‘Meat,’ It’s ‘Protein’ [Business Week]

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