Refusing To Turn Your Phone Off & Screaming Profanities Will Get You Booted From A Flight

When cops arrive, it's not a good sign.

When cops arrive, it’s not a good sign.

There are few guarantees in life, but rest assured that if 1. you refuse to turn your cell phone off and 2. you’re (allegedly) screaming profanities at the flight crew/cops 1. you will be kicked off said flight and 2. at least one of your fellow passengers will definitely film the action and post it on the Internet. That’s how it went down on a recent US Airways flight during a particularly upsetting incident.

Refusing to comply with flight crew instructions was the first step the passenger took toward her eventual ejection from the Charlotte-bound flight, which was scheduled to leave Ft. Lauderdale early Sunday morning, reports

Officials say the woman became unruly after crew told her to stop talking on her phone and turn it off. It certainly appears that she’s displeased in the video (which is VERY NSFW due to aforementioned profanities and also it’s just kind of awful to watch), which shows deputies boarding the plane after it had turned back to the gate.

Cops apparently tried to convince her to leave the plane, but as seen in the video, she first repeatedly asks why she’s being kicked off. The flight attendant explains that she was “on her phone the whole time” and refused to comply with instructions.

“I’ll hold up this whole f—-ng plane,” she said after saying that’s all lies. “I don’t care where people got to go. I don’t care.”

At that point, deputies say in the police report that they tried to remove her from the plane forcibly, while she “scratched, kicked and violently resisted” those attempts.

She was eventually escorted off the plane and taken into custody, while her two-year-old son — who reportedly was there the whole time — was handed over to his father.

She’s been charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest with violence and two counts of assault on a law enforcement official.

While it’s understandably awful to be asked to leave a plane, fighting law enforcement won’t make that kind of situation any better. As such, the below video is a bit upsetting to watch, so if you do so, keep that in mind.


VIDEO: Unruly woman kicked, scratched deputies on CLT-bound plane []

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