USDA Approves Label That Will Identify Products From Animals Fed A Non-GMO Diet

There will be a bit more transparency in the grocery aisle soon, at least for some products. The United State’s Agriculture Department has given the go-ahead to a label that will tout meat and liquid egg products as being free of genetically modified ingredients. This doesn’t mean, however, that the USDA is requiring all meat and poultry processors to do so, but it’s the first time the department has approved a non-GMO label.

According to the New York Times, the new labels will attest that the product is certified by the Non-GMO Project, and came from animals that never touched a bit of genetically engineered corn, soy or alfalfa to their mouths.

The USDA’s Food Safety Inspection Service “allows companies to demonstrate on their labels that they meet a third-party certifying organization’s standards, provided that the third-party organization and the company can show that the claims are truthful, accurate and not misleading,” an agency spokeswoman said in a statement.

That however, doesn’t mean that the government is working on “any new policy regarding non-G.E. or non-G.M.O. products.”

Chipotle recently made waves in the food community by including GMO ingredient information on its menu, and advocates hope this, along with the newly approved non-GMO labels will catch on.

U.S. Approves a Label for Meat From Animals Fed a Diet Free of Gene-Modified Products [New York Times]

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