Calphalon Matches Old Pan To New Lid, Sends It Along For Free

The warranty on Calpahlon cookware is pretty good, but doesn’t cover accidental damage or breakage. So Kenneth wasn’t expecting much when he contacted them to find out where he could buy a replacement lid for a discontinued pan. They figured out which lid went with his pan for him…then sent it to him for free.

He writes:

I have owned a nice set of nonstick cookware from Calphalon for a few years now, and recently accidentally damaged a pan lid. The warranty terms unfortunately don’t cover negligence and such accidental damage. Looking on their website to purchase a replacement, I was unable to locate the specific style that matched my cookware, so I sent them an inquiry with a picture of the old item, inquiring where I could purchase a replacement and what the cost would be.

To my surprise, the email exchange ended with them immediately shipping me a replacement lid as close to the original style as possible, free of charge. I have been very pleased with my Calphalon cookware up to this point, and will definitely be looking to their products once again when I need to purchase more.

Excellent service, Calphalon!

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