Whaddya Know? Doing The Right Thing Results In $50 Coach Gift Certificate

There are so many things to be disappointed in out there — people stealing from people, delivery drivers stealing from customers, companies turning a blind eye and deaf ear to the woes of the very people they want business from. That’s why Consumerist reader Jason was happy to report to us that not only did he and his wife have the satisfaction of helping their fellow shoppers out, but their good deed didn’t go unnoticed by a grateful retailer.

Jason writes that he and his wife were surprised to receive a package from Coach addressed to them. Thing is, they hadn’t ordered anything from Coach in the first place.

The package was addressed to us, and also had a label for another recipient as well. My wife opened up the mystery package and found a beautiful coach Crystal watch. Inside, the invoice was to someone else at a completely different address in another part of town. I decided to call Coach and told him that UPS delivered it to the wrong address.

The lady who answered the phone was really appreciative that we called and told her the situation. She unexpectedly gave us a $50 gift card as a reward for notifying them. While this was a lesson for children to always do the right thing, it also turned out to be a nice reward that was most unexpected.

One good turn deserves another, and Jason adds that Coach has some of that super nice karma coming right back at them — he got an eyeful of that watch and his wife’s reaction to it. Look at that, retailers! Do something nice for customers and you might create new customers.

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