Dunkin’ Donuts Celebrates National Donut Day By Selling Me A Sad Version Of Its New Sandwich

As advertised on the left, the reality on the right.

As advertised on the left, the reality on the right.

Not too long ago we were introduced to the newest breakfast sandwich to join the Dunkin’ Donuts bunch — a glazed doughnut serving as the bun, as it were, cradling eggs and bacon. Sounds about right, we thought. And hey, today is National Donut Day, so that works out in terms of promotional timing. But as is often the case, the reality of what Consumerist reader Howard ordered is, at least by appearances, a far cry from what is advertised.

Howard wrote in with photographic evidence of his somewhat glum looking sandwich offering, writing:

“Dunkin Donuts started selling their new Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich today. Attached is a picture of what I got and what they say it should look like. On a side note it still was delicious.”

Three cheers for it being delicious, right? We’ve seen worse, but this still serves as a reminder that if you think you’re going to be getting a perfectly plump, glistening doughnut with gently curling bits of bacon and a fluffy-as-heaven bed of eggs, you will probably be disappointed.

So hush now, dear readers, and just close your eyes while you take a bite. Shh, there you go. It’ll all be okay.

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