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At Least Finding A Pair Of Glasses In Your Jalapeño Poppers Is Way Less Gross Than A Bug

At Least Finding A Pair Of Glasses In Your Jalapeño Poppers Is Way Less Gross Than A Bug

Here at Consumerist, we’ve heard about practically every kind of creepy, crawly, grody thing/creature showing up where it shouldn’t, whether that means spiders in your grapes and bananas or urine in your Taco Bell nachos. But having a pair of spectacles show up in your jalapeño poppers? That could actually be useful. [More]

As advertised on the left, the reality on the right.

Dunkin’ Donuts Celebrates National Donut Day By Selling Me A Sad Version Of Its New Sandwich

Not too long ago we were introduced to the newest breakfast sandwich to join the Dunkin’ Donuts bunch — a glazed doughnut serving as the bun, as it were, cradling eggs and bacon. Sounds about right, we thought. And hey, today is National Donut Day, so that works out in terms of promotional timing. But as is often the case, the reality of what Consumerist reader Howard ordered is, at least by appearances, a far cry from what is advertised. [More]


Just Because A Calorie Label Is Green Doesn’t Necessarily Mean It’s A Healthier Product

When you see the color green in the context of food, what usually pops to mind? Healthfulness, vegetables, nutritious ingredients, perhaps? You’re not alone, as a new study says when consumers see green calorie labels, we usually think it’s healthier than food with labels in other colors. [More]

Rumor: Best Buy Is Extending Return & Price Match Policies To 30 Days

When it comes to murmurs of Best Buy doing anything that could benefit its customers, we keep our skeptical hats firmly on until they actually prove they’re not totally terrible. In this case, there have been rumblings that they’ll extend their return policy to 30 days, from 14. [More]