OnTrac Claims They Delivered Another Phantom Package

Our readers generally love Amazon Prime, but complain about the regional delivery services that Amazon contracts with in some areas in order to make that fabulous free two-day delivery possible. Carriers that include Ontrac and Ensenda seem to get the job done okay most of the time. When things go wrong, though, customers who had the wacky assumption that “out for delivery” meant their packages would actually be delivered get upset.

Reader Jen, for example, waited all day at home for her package. She found that it had been marked “delivered” in the online tracking information, but certainly hadn’t been delivered. Does that sounds familiar? It might. No one even knocked on her door or left her a “sorry we missed you!” slip if they happened to stop by while she was in the shower, which is always what seems to happen.

I was expecting a package I ordered from Amazon to be delivered yesterday. The shipper is Ontrac and when it didn’t arrive I double checked the tracking information and it was marked by [OnTrac] as delivered, the only problem is that it wasn’t there. I have yet to receive it and will update you when I know what is going on.

It should be noted that I was home ALL day yesterday and that there was never a knock at the door. I checked several times throughout the day and nothing all day. I live in a very small apartment and always hear a knock.

Jen notes that the package was in the system as “out for delivery” just five miles from her home yesterday morning.

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