Finally, Breast Milk-Flavored Lollipops That Don’t Actually Contain Breast Milk

A photo from the Lollyphile website.

A photo from the Lollyphile website.

Are you one of the dozens of people who have craving a lollipop with all the flavor of breast milk but didn’t want that flavor to actually come from the mammary glands of another human? Then you are in luck, as a company in Texas has released a product with all the breast milk taste but without the breast milk.

“Can you imagine armies of pumping mothers?” Lollyphile founder Jason Darling explains to the L.A. Times about his company’s decision to make these particular lollipops out of mostly sugar and not from the milk of lactating women. “Managing that would be a logistical nightmare.”

Using real breast milk would probably also get health regulators knocking on your door. Many of you probably remember the London ice cream shop that began selling actual breast milk ice cream in 2011, only to have it all confiscated by authorities.

The company claims that these vegan treats are selling like hot cakes since they were introduced earlier this week at a starting price of four lollipops for $10.

“We just released them last night,” Darling told the Times, “and we’ve already sold a few thousand dollars worth.”

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