Breast Milk Ice Cream Confiscated From London Shop

When we wrote about the London ice cream shop that had made a frozen treat from human breast milk, some readers wondered about the legality and/or safety of such a product. Well, they weren’t alone, as local authorities decided to confiscate the ice cream until those questions were resolved.

The Icecreamists ice cream parlor began selling its “Baby Gaga” flavor on Friday. And over the weekend, acting on two complaints about a shop selling a food product from a bodily fluid, the Westminster City Council ordered the remaining ice cream seized while awaiting guidance from Britain’s Food Standards Agency.

From the AP:

The company has said that the milk was screened in line with blood donor requirements before being pasteurized and churned together with vanilla pods and lemon zest. The dish comes in a martini glass and sells for 14 pounds ($22.50) each.

“As far as we are aware there is no law prohibiting a business from selling breast milk ice cream,” said the founder of The Icecreamists.

UK removes breast milk ice cream from shop []

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