Viacom Goes Running Into Amazon’s Streaming Arms After Split With Netflix

Now that Viacom and Netflix are over, done with, broken up, splitskies, never ever getting back together, don’t think  the cable programming giant is crying into its pillow every night, soaking it with the desperate tears of the unloved. No, it’s moving on — straight into the loving arms of Amazon’s streaming video service with a new, multiyear licensing deal.

When the Netflix/Viacom deal ended recently, we heard from a few Consumerist readers who were none-too-pleased to see programming like  Nickelodeon’s plethora of children’s shows disappear. We figured, and rightly so, that the buzz about Viacom and Amazon hooking up back in February would provide a new home for those TV shows, as well as offerings from Comedy Central and MTV.

According to the Associated Press, Amazon and Viacom made things official today with the announcement of an expanded multiyear digital video licensing agreement, providing a new home for hundreds of shows on Amazon’s streaming service.

Amazon’s Prime Instant Video service will now include unlimited streaming access to shows like The BackyardigansTosh.0 and Workaholics.

Certain shows from Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. will also be available on Amazon’s Kindle FreeTime Unlimited service, which includes children’s books, games, apps, movies and TV shows.

Amazon and Viacom reach multiyear licensing deal [Associated Press]

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