Netflix’s Original Shows Are More Popular Than Those From Amazon, Hulu

Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu all offer a good deal of original content — shows and movies that now compete for traditional TV for eyeballs and awards. But according to one recent analysis, one streaming service is doing a much better job of getting folks to tune into its original shows — mostly because it has so many of them. 

The study by Parrot Analytics, as reported by Fierce Cable, finds that demand for Netflix originals is, on average, eight times higher than that of Amazon’s original content and nine times higher than Hulu’s.

The report measured popularity of the content by Demand Expressions, including collecting cross-platform, country-specific measurements of video streaming, social media activity, photo sharing, blogging, commenting on fan and critic rating platforms, and download and streaming rates.

In addition to outpacing Hulu and Netflix, Parrot Analytics found that demand for Netflix shows were 60 times higher than that of Crackle.

Parrot concludes that Netflix’s popularity is likely tied to the rate at which the company releases new content, and the fact that it offers more than 50 original shows.

While the company’s longer-running content remains popular, Netflix’s “true strength is in its constant production and release of new, buzzy content,” the report states, noting that by staggering releases the company continues to build popularity with viewers.

Additionally, the report found that an increase in the release and subsequent popularity of Netflix shows created a bump in the company’s stock price.

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