Amazon Sends Pre-Smushed LEGO Set In Intact Box

batmanlego2Marc’s son likes to build LEGO worlds with his grandfather, who got him a super amazing Batman Arkham Asylum set for his birthday this week. It seems that the Stupid Shipping Gang got hold of the box, but not in a way that we might expect. Somehow, the box that the set came in had been stomped on, but the box that it shipped in was intact.

The pictures are weird enough, but Marc mentioned in passing that his dad didn’t get any “concession” for sending a damaged item. Should he?

My Dad ordered my son (he is 4 but likes to “build” with Dad) this Lego set for his birthday on Wednesday. It came super fast but take a look and see what we found when we opened the box. The outside of the box was in fine condition so Amazon deliberately decided to ship the set this way. When I called the rep did not seem to understand why I was upset so I hung up. Via the online returns they are sending a replacement but no concession for sending such a damaged product.

Anyway, I thought you would find the pictures interesting.




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