Man Accused Of Filming Tween Girls In Gap Changing Room With His iPhone

According to police, a 24-year-old Minnesota man went on a voyeuristic rampage at a local mall in April, slipping his iPhone under the door of a Gap changing room, up a shopper’s skirt, and into a ladies’ room stall. Surveillance camera footage and information from a Gap worker who happened to have attended high school with the suspect led to his arrest.

Two eleven-year-old girls noticed an iPhone appear and disappear under the door of their changing room at the Gap. They were able to describe the man and his shoes, and information from other mall employees helped confirm his identity: he made a purchase using a credit card during the same shopping trip, you see. A high school classmate also confirmed his identity.

Police couldn’t find any images of the underage girls on the phone, and the suspect insists that he only wanted pictures of their feet. Right. His phone did still have images of a woman he followed around the same Gap store. He faces two felony counts of interfering with the privacy of a minor, and one gross misdemeanor count of interfering with the privacy of a woman.

Complaint: Man Recorded Video Of Girls Changing At Woodbury Gap [CBS Minneapolis]

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