I’m So Relieved That These Plastic Salt & Pepper Shakers Arrived Safely, Swiftly

You guys okay in there?

You guys okay in there?

Consumerist reader Roy knows his stuff — there’s no messing around when it comes to scoring deals and as such, he keeps his peepers peel for the juiciest ones the Internet has to offer. In his pursuit of one item, he had to buy one other, tiny thing to make his deal dreams come true. The good news is, it arrived safely, and lickety split. The silly thing is, they arrived in the above packaging. Apparently Amazon doesn’t have the corner on the Stupid Shipping Gang.

He writes of his experience with the swiftly appearing salt and pepper shakers:

Like most savvy internet consumers (cheap), I monitor a couple deals websites and even have some alerts setup for regularly consumed items like Coffee k-cups. A decent deal is about 41 cents a piece. Dealnews.com had a listing for k-cups at about 30 cents a piece from Reliable Office Supplies via a 50 off 100 coupon. 7 boxes of 24 at 13.99 a piece is only 97.93 so a $2.07 filler item was necessary to use the coupon. The dealnews posting recommended some push pins for $2.89, I opted for salt & pepper shakers for 2.51 as I might actually use those.

Like a lot of online companies they ship items separately and even listed this in the confirmation e-mail. “We are processing your order and will send you an email when it ships. Please note that items in your order may ship separately to expedite delivery.”

In extraordinarily expedited fashion the salt and pepper shakers arrived packaged with ample breathing room on Wednesday by the time I got home from work.

The k-cups arrived two days later.

And now, some more Salt ‘n Pepa.

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