Dish Network Will Never Believe That I’m Not My Ex-Roommate

James’ roommate moved in, had Dish Network service for a while, and then moved out. The roommate canceled service before moving away. Or so he thought. Despite what James tells Dish and their collection agencies, then what his ex-roomie tells Dish and their collection agencies, they continue to come after him for the account that was never his in the first place.

Long story short: Old roommate ordered DISH. A year later he moves out and cancels DISH. A year after that, I find out the account has somehow become mine (probably paid a bill at some point), and that it is in DISH collections. Call up DISH, explain the account isn’t mine (when they ask for the last four of my social or telephone number….yeah not mine). Had old roommate call DISH to explain the account isn’t mine. DISH says ok everything is fine.

A year after that DISH sent the account to another collections agency. Repeat the whole process.

A year after that DISH sent the account to yet another collections agency. Rinse and Repeat.

All collections agencies and the credit reporting agencies have dropped this, as they can tell the account isn’t mine.

It’s been quite a process these last three years.

Here is just a sample of what I have to deal with when I talk to DISH:
[DISH rep]: Hi, my name is John V (ID: V7R). How may I help you?

James: Hi John. Could you transfer me to the ERT chatline?

[DISH rep]: Hi, James.

[DISH rep]: How are you doing today?

James: Doing ok. I just need to talk with someone from ERT.

James: They have been working on an issue of mine

[DISH rep]: Sure, James.

[DISH rep]: For security purposes, would you please verify the 4 digit Security Code on the account?

James: I dont have that info. That’s one of the issues ERT is dealing with. This account isn’t mine.

[DISH rep]: We have a specialized department available to better assist you. May I transfer you to our Executive Resolution Team at this time?

James: Yes.

[Supervisor]: Hi, my name is [Supervisor]. How may I help you?

[DISH rep] has left the chat.

[Supervisor]: Hi this is [SUupervisor]. To help you further, I need to get you connected to “Executive Resolution Team”.

[Supervisor]: Please wait while I transfer.

[Supervisor] has disconnected.

Whenever you get called for a debt that isn’t yours, tell them to drop dead. Not literally, of course. James should send a letter based on this model to Dish Network and fire one off to any agencies that contact him.

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