My Fifth Replacement iPhone 5 Doesn’t Work Either

Usually, it’s owners of Android devices who get cast into the terrifying outer circles of Smartphone Replacement Purgatory, but owners of Apple devices aren’t immune. Reader Stephen first wrote to us back in February as he got his third replacement iPhone 5. Since then, he’s received two more phones. It’s nice that his phone is under warranty and all, but he’s on a two-year contract. Will he be stuck getting replacements every few months the entire time?

At least this time, the phone has a different problem than before.

I’m starting to lose count of how many replacements I have had. My latest one wasn’t a typical replacement (refurbished model), it was brand new as the supervisor wasn’t happy to give me another refurb after the string of issues which I have had. The brand new iPhone does not have the same green screen problem. This time, the GPS is busted. It intermittently tells me I am miles away from where I actually am and it has got me lost in places where I am unfamiliar.

Am I just really unlucky or does everyone have to get their iPhone 5 replaced 5 times?

Have you had your iPhone 5 replaced multiple times? Make Stephen feel better and let us know.

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