Guy Using The Last Name “Disney” Caught Giving Stolen Disneyland Tickets To Charity

When you wish upon a star you still aren't a Disney.

When you wish upon a star you still aren’t a Disney.

Listen, if you want to go around and tell people, “Yeah, I’m related to Walt Disney,” even if it isn’t true, that’s up to you. But one man allegedly impersonating a Disney heir took that delusion to another level when he, again, allegedly, passed off stolen Disneyland tickets as the real deal.

Police tell CBS L.A. that the 51-year-old suspect identified himself as having the last name of Disney back in January when he handed over passes to Disneyland to be used in a nonprofit organization’s raffle.

The not-so-lucky winner of that raffle was turned away at the gates to the theme park, however, as the tickets hadn’t been activated. Authorities say the man had allegedly stolen the passes from a retail business.

Once police started poking around into this Disney guy, they found that he had a fake driver’s license under his assumed name, and even forged W-2 tax forms purporting to show income from the Walt Disney Corporation. Because you know, he’s an heir and all.

The Walt Disney Corporation confirmed that the suspect is wholly unrelated to Walt Disney’s family and has no connection with the company. He was arrested on Tuesday on felony burglary charges, and was in possession of a driver’s license containing a forged state seal. Police believe he could’ve been in other schemes using that name.

When the local news team spoke with the suspect, however, he claimed he has no idea what people are talking about because he’s not a Disney. No, really?

“Somebody lived here before me named Disney. They’re confusing me with someone else,” he claimed, reiterating his real name, which, again, is not Disney.

That should clear things right up.

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