Theft Of A $37 Walmart Printer Turns Into High-Speed Chase With Meth Flying Everywhere

We live in a world where the desire for a $37 printer can lead to a scene straight out of an action movie, complete with a high-speed police chase and drugs flying out the car windows. Police say a couple was spotted lifting a printer from a Walmart in Louisiana and tried to make a run for it. And it was all downhill (super fast) from there.

A local police spokesman tells WWL News that a loss prevention employee at the Walmart called the cops after allegedly witnessing the couple make off with the merchandise. When the husband saw the police show up and start to approach their vehicles, he apparently put the pedal to the metal and fled, almost hitting the officer.

From there it was a race across the city, say cops, which also served as a way for the couple to start “throwing suspected methamphetamine and marijuana out of the vehicle.”

Another officer heard the pursuit going on over his police radio and pulled over to place spike trips on the road in case the suspects’ vehicle went that way. The metal obstacles did the trick, deflating the fleeing car’s tires.

The couple was arrested, with the wife facing charges of aggravated flight from an officer, resisting by flight, theft of goods under $500, and obstruction of justice. The husband has the same charges against him, as well as possession of marijuana and aggravated assault on a police officer by use of a vehicle.

Next time perhaps a trip to Kinko’s is in order, if you’ve got the need to print something that bad.

Slidell Police: Printer theft leads to high-speed chase []

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