Macy’s Includes Free Mug In My Box Of Air Pillows

The over-packaging Stupid Shipping Gangsters don’t just work for Amazon. They’re everywhere. Reader Matt encountered the Gang when he made a purchase from Macy’s. He bought a pair of shoes and added a mug to make the free shipping limit. He received a box large enough to hold everything that he had purchased, and assumed that it did. It did not. It held only a mug and a great wealth of air pillows.


I ordered a mug from Macy’s as an add on to get my shipment above $100 for free shipping. They split the shipment into two orders, one for the mug one for the shoes. When I saw this box, I assumed the shoes would be in it! Imagine my surprise when I had to unwrap all that for a little mug!

Well, sure, but the mug must have arrived in perfect condition.