Police Have Better Things To Do Than Rescue Adult Men Wedged In McDonald’s High Chairs

Take a look at yourself. Are you older than five? You’re reading this post, so it’s likely that you are no longer part of the toddler set. As such, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind adults that they are too old, and really, too darn big, to be sitting in high chairs meant for toddlers at McDonald’s. One man in Ireland learned that in the way that turns out to be the most hilarious to the rest of us.

Over across the pond, high chairs at Mickey D’s appear to be made much the way they are here — kind of like tall stools with a seat made for tiny little tushies and a way to secure kids in the chairs so they don’t fall out.

That set-up proved too tight for one man who The Mirror says plunked his tush right down in a baby’s high chair anyway. He managed to get himself so wedged in there, someone called the cops to the Cork location in the wee hours of the morning.

Police managed to save the kitten from the tre– er, the man from the high chair, and he was sent on his way without a charge. But not before the inquiring minds of the Internet arrived on the scene and snapped a pic and sent it out for all to see on Twitter. Someone’s always watching, especially when you do dumb stuff.

To be clear, McDonald’s does not condone such behavior and would prefer you keep your adult-sized butts in your adult-sized chairs.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “McDonald’s is aware of the incident involving a customer who decided to sit in one of our children’s high-chairs in [redacted] Street – and as you can see, we recommend that children don’t use the high-chair without adult supervision!”

Oh, snap, McDonald’s. Oh snap.

The embarrassing moment a McDonald’s customer finds himself surrounded by police after getting stuck in a baby seat [The Mirror]

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