McDonald’s Looking To Slim Down Its Bloated Menu

The Angus burger has mooed its last moo, and Chicken Selects clucked off months ago, but it looks like McDonald’s isn’t done ditching menu items, as the company seeks to streamline its business by paring down the available offerings.

According to Bloomberg, since 2007 the full McDonald’s has swollen by 70% to 145 items, up from 85 items, putting a burden on franchisees and workers, and perhaps giving customers too many things to choose from.

“It’s gotten to the point where the operation has kind of broken down and that’s all a symptom of the complication of the menu,” a former fast-food consultant and former McDonald’s franchisee explains to Bloomberg. “They can’t make the food fast enough.”

Among items that Bloomberg says could go the way of the Angus burgers, which are being replaced by gussied-up Quarter Pounders, are Caesar salads, the McSkillet Burrito, the Southern Style Biscuit and steak bagels.

However, the company has also recently added some items, like the egg-white McMuffin, and three varieties of its chicken wraps. However, these items can be made quickly and share materials with other existing offerings, meaning less strain on the franchisees and employees, and (hopefully) faster wait times for customers.

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