Kmart Gives Me BP Coupon For 30 Cents Off Gas. Excluded Items: Fuel


When Scott checked out at Kmart, a pretty sweet coupon printed out. What was it for? Thirty cents off per gallon (limit 20 gallons) at his local BP gas station! That’s actually a pretty good deal, and a nice Kmart/BP cross-promotion. Then he noticed the exclusions. Good coupons almost always have a lot of exclusions, so it’s smart to check them before heading for the newest BP. Scott didn’t expect the coupon to just cancel itself out, though.

Bought some stuff at Kmart today, and got a coupon upon checkout. I saw that it is for 30 cents off per gallon of gas at BP. I thought, “Great…now I’m going to fill up my gas guzzling, ozone depleting SUV for cheap!” I then read the fine print. The coupon excludes….wait for it….FUEL! A copy of the coupon with my personal information redacted is attached.

Click to view full size, for some reason.

Click to view full size, for some reason.

After reading all of the fine print, I’m pretty sure that the “Excluded Items” text is boilerplate, and stuck on every coupon, but it made me roll my eyes anyway. Gotta love it!

Scott didn’t report whether the coupon actually worked, or the fuel exclusion applied to his gasoline discount. We know that Kmart can be kind of inefficient, but they aren’t that incompetent.

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