Restaurant Decides Maybe Selling Lion Meat Tacos Wasn’t The Best Idea After All

Attention, cat lovers and fans of all things furry: You might want to stop reading if you fear your heart may quail at the injustices served on the King of the Jungle. You’ve read the headline, so now you know — there is a restaurant in Florida that had been selling lion meat tacos. Yes, that kind of lion. But not anymore, as the eatery apparently faced a bit of an uproar (haha get it?) after offering the tacos in question.

According to the Tampa Tribune, the restaurant posted the following notice on its website alerting customers to the menu change:

“Thank you all for the feedback regarding the lion meat promotion at [redacted]. Some of you were supportive, some of you were angry. We listened to everyone and decided to no longer carry lion. … The lion meat is sold out and we do not plan to carry it again. Thank you all for your feedback.”

But… sold out… that means… PEOPLE WERE EATING LIONS. Sigh. Turns out the big cats are just considered “vulnerable” in the wild, and not endangered, so it’s not illegal to import or sell lion meat.

The restaurant still serves other exotic meats like shark, gazelle, camel and kangaroo, but the owner said he’d been receiving threats online since lion went on the menu.

That being said, the restaurant is ready to stir the pot yet again, apparently, telling critics:  “If you guys are mad now, just wait till you see what we do next.”

Please, don’t let it be mermaid. Don’t let it be mermaid.

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