Hope You Didn’t Want Any Of Those Mother’s Day Deals Sears Offered, Then Took Away

Not for you, sorry.

Not for you, sorry.

Easy come, easy go is especially easy in the times we live in where an email can be sent with a click and just as easily, hastily retracted. Sears apparently sent out a bunch of emails to its Shop Your Way rewards members with an “extra special” VIP Mother’s Day set of deals, and shortly after, sent another saying some people weren’t ever supposed to get that email, or those deals.

Gitte Laasby over at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writes that she got one of these on Tuesday, with said special deals and “huge points on jewelry, flowers, chocolates & more.” There was also a 20% off an online purchase included, and 10% in points for buyin products from affiliated brands.

But she writes that she wasn’t interested in those deals — and it’s a good thing. Because it was only for VIP silver members, and she never should’ve gotten it in the first place.

A few hours later, Sears realized it had made a mistake, and sent out an email with the subject line: “Oops! We missed our mark…”

It continued:

“Sorry we jumped the gun! We apologize for our error and any inconvenience to you. However, check how close you are to VIP status on shopyourway.com and see how you can earn more points. When you achieve VIP status, you’ll enjoy extra-special perks, privileges and offers. We appreciate your understanding. And, may we soon welcome you to the ranks of VIP members!”

So you don’t get those deals but you do have the grand honor of checking how close you are to being someone who’s actually eligible for such things. Sears didn’t say how many other people this happened to, but did admit its mistake in a statement to Laasby.

“We confirmed that on May 7 a small segment of Shop Your Way Members received an email intended for our VIP members,” a Sears spokesman said. “We quickly identified the error and sent a follow-up apology email to those affected.” He added that he couldn’t reveal how many customers were in the pool of wrongful receivers, saying, “For competitive reasons we don’t disclose segmentation figures.”

Sears issues apology for accidentally sending VIP offers to ineligible customers [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

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