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Man Who Thought He’d Won $500K Told His Lucky Ticket Is A Worthless Misprint

Although I’ve never won a large sum of money myself, I imagine that the experience of hitting it big with the scratch-off lottery would go something like this: Blink, blink, rub eyes, blink, rub eyes, blink, scream and call my mom. So picturing that scenario followed by the ultimate letdown of no money is maybe the saddest thing ever. Stupid lottery ticket misprints. [More]


DirecTV To Customer Whose House Burned Down: Bummer, Now Give Us $400

For those not paying attention to the awful news out of Colorado right now, fires are ravaging the state, destroying hundreds of homes and causing millions in damage. One man who lost his home this week was left with little but ashes, and as he pulled himself together enough to start canceling his utilities and other things the former house no longer requires, DirecTV tells him it’s going to charge $400 for that destroyed equipment. [More]

Not for you, sorry.

Hope You Didn’t Want Any Of Those Mother’s Day Deals Sears Offered, Then Took Away

Easy come, easy go is especially easy in the times we live in where an email can be sent with a click and just as easily, hastily retracted. Sears apparently sent out a bunch of emails to its Shop Your Way rewards members with an “extra special” VIP Mother’s Day set of deals, and shortly after, sent another saying some people weren’t ever supposed to get that email, or those deals. [More]


Supreme Court Denies Airline Industry Challenge To Price Advertising Rules

Ever since the Transportation Department told U.S. airlines they’d have to advertise the total cost of a ticket when touting their fares, the industry has been fighting back. Back in July a U.S. Appeals Court sided with consumers and ruled that airlines must stick to the new rules, and now the U.S. Supreme Court has rejected the industry’s challenge once again, in refusing to hear the case. [More]

Facebook Stock Down More Than 50%, Schadenfreude Still Rising

Facebook Stock Down More Than 50%, Schadenfreude Still Rising

Facebook stock has reached a new low following news that analysts at Bank of America/Merrill Lynch and Bank of Montreal have lowered their price target for the stock. [More]

AT&T Demands Payment, Doesn’t Care If Business Owner Made $900K Worth Of Calls To Somalia Or Not

AT&T Demands Payment, Doesn’t Care If Business Owner Made $900K Worth Of Calls To Somalia Or Not

When a small Massachusetts business that never in the past ever called the Africa nation of Somalia racks up almost $900,000 in calls in four days to that country, some might find that unusual. Instead, AT&T decided that was totally normal and that the business — which usually runs up a bill of about $700 per month — should be on the hook for $1.5 million, including charges and interest. And the kicker? AT&T apparently doesn’t think he made those calls either. [More]

Super-Rich People Have $300 Billion Less

Super-Rich People Have $300 Billion Less

Forbes says that the collective worth of the 400 richest people fell by $300 billion or 19% to $1.27 trillion. The top reasons for the decline were market turmoil, plummeting real estate prices, fraud and divorce.