Amazon Packs Your Snacks Extra Safely In A Box Ten Times Too Big

Alex says that when a giant box from Amazon arrived on his doorstep, he was puzzled. There was a huge, huge box, but all he had ordered were some Munchies brand peanuts that were on sale. (Having Prime makes you do that kind of thing.) That couldn’t possibly be all that was in the box: there was enough space in there for hundreds of packets of peanuts. He had only ordered 32. So what was in the box?


Nothing. Well, there were 32 packets of peanuts, and some plastic air pouches that secured the peanuts in their little cubby. There was his packing slip, which you see on the upper right. There were two pieces of cardboard that divided the huge box into quarters, but the peanuts only fill one of those quarters. The rest is all empty space.

He put his iPhone in the picture to give us a sense of scale.


As with all feats of stupid shipping from the Stupid Shipping Gang, the recipient should express gratitude that the item arrived quickly, without being held up by the need for warehouse workers to find a smaller box. Perhaps their speed and efficiency helped them to keep their jobs, or even helped them to earn some kind of performance incentive.

That would be nice. But Alex should still stop by and leave a note, maybe even including the pictures that he sent us.

Ex-Stupid Shipping Gangster Explains Why Your Purchases Are So Poorly Packaged

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