Time Warner Technicians Rescue Kitten Snuggled Up Against Cable Lines

Kitten Techs

Late on Saturday night, a San Antonio apartment complex needed an urgent visit from Time Warner Cable. Was it a building-wide Internet outage? Disrupted movie-viewing? No… a tiny kitten was stuck in one of the plastic pipes that contain Time Warner’s lines below the building, and wouldn’t come out.

Time Warner’s own blog and a few local news outlets carried the story. One building resident resident heard faint mewing, and first called the first-line responders for stuck kittens, the local fire department, but they couldn’t coax out the cat. Neither could the Time Warner techs with bits of food. So they returned the following morning to dig up and cut the pipe back, making the kitten easier to reach.

TV station KENS has an unfathomably cute photo of the kitten drinking out of a bottle of milk.

Not Your Typical Service Call: TWC Techs Rescue Kitten [Time Warner Cable]
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