The EECB Gets T-Mobile Off My Back, $300 Refund

By harnessing the power of the executive e-mail carpet bomb, D. was able to end a nine-month “saga” with T-Mobile in less than 24 hours. “Go away,” they said (we’re paraphrasing.) “We didn’t take $297 from you without your permission.” Only they kinda did.

D. writes:

I followed your steps to deal with T-Mobile after receiving a response letter from them that basically told me to go kick rocks and to shut up and pay according to my contract. Mind you, they had ‘stolen’ $297.61 from my checking account and I provided them proof of the transaction (that they had no record of).

Literally, within 1 hour of sending the emails my cell phone rang. While [V] was busy apologizing for my inconvenience I was logging onto my account. There was already a credit sitting there in my account.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I found your info last night and my problem was resolved by 4:00 pm today. Your tip brought my 9 month saga to an abrupt and happy end (for me).

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