SoftBank Feels Secure Enough In Its Relationship With Sprint To Let It Consider Dish Deal

Sounds like someone — and by someone we mean SoftBank — is feeling pretty darn good about its burgeoning relationship with the object of its affections: Sprint Nextel got the go ahead from its current steady to take a closer look at what Dish Network is offering it in a rival deal.

SoftBank gave Sprint its approval to date other people, reports CNET, perhaps using the oft-quoted maxim of “If you love something, set it free.”

Sprint already agreed to a merger with SoftBank, but then Dish showed up last week and tossed a $25.5 billion bid on the table. Today Sprint says SoftBank gave it a waiver to get to the bottom of the Dish proposal, and will be able to enter in a non-disclosure agreement. That doesn’t cover any non-public information, and Sprint can’t get into any kind of negotiations with Dish.

A special committee will look into the Dish deal, says Sprint, and the company won’t say much more on the matter. SoftBank, meanwhile, seem to feel pretty confident that once Sprint sees what’s out there, it’ll come running straight back into its arms in time for a July 1 merger.

Sprint gets OK from SoftBank to explore rival Dish offer []

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