High Bid Of $605K For Coffee With Tim Cook Rejected Because Bidder Used Stolen Credit Card

The Internet was all abuzz last week when Apple announced it was auctioning off a coffee date with CEO Tim Cook for charity. But whoever submitted last week’s high bid of $605,000 is likely going to get a date with law enforcement instead — the charity says the bidding is back at $600,000 today after discovering the high bidder used a stolen credit card.

Charitybuzz is in charge of the campaign to raise money for the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights, and a spokesperson told Fortune today that some shuckster placed the hefty fraudulent charge on a stolen card.

Whoever stole a credit card from someone with that high of a limit must either really love Cook or not realize that such a charge would be quite noticeable, even to the most inattentive of credit institutions (“Excuse me, sir/ma’am? Your account shows you spending… $605,000 on coffee with the man in charge of one of the world’s biggest companies — that seems a bit odd so we’re calling to check in with you.”)

In any case, that’s quite an expensive cup of coffee. Whoever does win (bidding closes May 14) will get one-hour with Cook at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, Calif.

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