Should Group Fitness Classes Stay Out Of Public Parks?

Boot camp-style fitness classes that meet outdoors in parks are a much more fun way to exercise than staring at your own sweaty face in a mirror. Do they affect life in the park enough that cities should require them to get permission before setting up shop and pay fees? The city of Santa Monica, California thinks “maybe,” and is considering such a policy.

The subject came up during last night’s city council meeting, and forty instructors and class members showed up to fight proposed regulations. Current suggestions have instructors handing 10-15% of their class revenue over to the city for classes that they hold in city parks, proving that they have insurance, and obtaining permits in advance that cost as much as $100. Is a 5 A.M. boot camp class disruptive to neighbors? Is a herd of runners damaging to park facilities and plants? Regulations could also limit class sizes and ban fitness classes from certain parks.

Santa Monica City Council Tackles Clash over Fitness Classes [Patch]
City Council To Vote On Regulating Outdoor Fitness In Santa Monica [CBS]

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